Testing & Test Automation

Raavan offers Software Testing & Test Automation services ranging from small, medium to large and complexed projects. We have the capability to complete any Testing projects on time & cost effectively. We achieve this by integrating our stringent process, Quality control and by using high-end tools & methodologies.

Due to the evolving technological advances and fast-paced business growth, the need for Software Testing has tremendously grown and is in demand. Raavan’s business model and approach towards software testing services will transform your business to the next level. Our methodologies and process ensures your product is tested to its finest level and delivered with quality.

Raavan’s Software Testing team analyses your requirements & will work along with you to complete the test planning. We are strengthened by an expertise team who provide wide range of Testing services & Quality maintenance. Our testing team works with the whole project team coordinating with engineers performing analysis, design and processing test analysis to Test Cases and suits. We keep our customers updated on the test summary and results in a professional way so you can move your products seamlessly to the market. Our motto is to deliver a flawless, quality solutions to our customers which would cut their costs and improve ROI.

Our Testing Services

The expertise of our testing teams are adaptive and they are specialists in balancing the system requirements and functionality. Our team will always stay connected to the customer and provide them with the relative summary, reports and documentation of the process to ensure they are in control of the project all the time. We make sure that our process handles all the requirements and deliverables are provided with quality.

RTS provides various Software Testing services based on project requirements and development needs:

Functional Testing

Our experts make sure that our Functional Testing process verifies and validates the applications independently. We also verify that all the components such as forms, audio/video, etc., are functioning as intended to. Our Functional Testing methodology is streamlined, properly architectured and suitable for every requirements.

Usability Testing

Our Usability Testing is performed to determine whether a module is usable from an user’s point of view & validated properly. This enables us to analyze to an extent to which the system is properly understood by the user like adaptiveness, smooth navigation, operability and interactive UI, etc.

Performance Testing

At Raavan, our Testing team creates various test scenarios to determine the performance of a module or system to analyze & verify the different attributes of an application such as Transition speed, Load balancing, Form factor responsiveness, stability, etc,. This process will ensure that the system is performing as expected in a given variety of conditions.

Device Interoperability Testing

At Raavan, we carefully examine the Responsiveness of an application irrespective of its form factor, whether it may be a small hand-held or a tab. This test is also performed to ensure the ability of the system to exchange information between various components and modules & to make sure there are no communication issues, thus verifying the interoperability function of the system.

Security Testing

Our testing team helps clients identifying and removing vulnerabilities in applications and networks, assess and mitigate risks. They ensure that product meets regulatory and compliance requirements of business.

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance Testing ensures that the application delivered meets the requirements of the end user. This is the end-user behaviour simulation emphasizes on the achievement of positive software experience. It also helps to detect bugs that affect the usability of the application.

Test Automation

We bring together the highly experienced professionals, reliable test automation tools and a thoughtful approach to apply automation where it can significantly reduce QA overhead. We guide you through in deciding which test functions should be automated.

Mobile App Testing

We offer comprehensive Mobile Application Testing services for all major mobile platforms including android app testing, iPhone application testing, windows application testing and blackberry app testing. At RTS, we ensure highest degree of software quality assurance.

RTS testing team is ready to perform its Quality Control services in every step of the lifecycle of a software development project. Our testers are prepared to work with business analysts to polish requirement specifications to make them testable, help architects to validate the design and support user acceptance testing, among others activities. We can also provide our Quality Assurance expertise to define the right testing process and practices which will guarantee the best quality in the making of your software products

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