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We at Raavan Technology Solutions work together with our customers to develop high end solutions for various challenges like process & skilled resources. We perform this by applying our high end experience, thoroughness & edge technology to complement our customers expertise.

Raavan Technology Solutions has a vast team of skilled, focused consultants with deep & broad experience level with diverse skill-sets. Our consultants are from multiple professional backgrounds including Information Technology & Engineering.

Raavan always puts customers first & our approach is always Customer-Centric. This approach integrated with the variety of services we provide through our highly skilled and experienced consultants makes us approachable for any custom software development or application projects. Raavan strives to help our customers overcome their challenging obstacles. We support our customers in building their mission critical and complicated applications by having our consultants working with our customers subject matter expertise.

Software Development Process


Identifying the critical processes in your business that requires technological assistance.


Defining the platforms & off-shelf components which can be utilized for an efficient and cost-effective solution.


Develop all the required software modules that suits perfectly with the process & satisfies the requirements.


Integrate the individual software modules & their components and ensure they are built-in to one complete system.


Extend our support & enhancement possibilities when customers require improvisation or a complete change.


Raavan has consultants with in-depth knowledge and wide range of skill-set who will work together with customers in providing efficient, cost-effective & quality solutions for every challenges they face or the critical requirements they have.

Delivery Approach

Our Implementation and Delivery strategy includes all stages of the Software Development Life Cycle. It starts from Requirement gathering, planning, identification, analysis of models, project management & allocation, Development and Testing Phase, Milestone completion, Quality checks, Enhancements, Implementation, On-time Delivery & maintenance and support.

Agile Execution

At Raavan we always believe in team-work. Although we have dedicated consultants who can complete the assigned projects individually, our process and work model ensures that they work together with the customer’s project in-charge throughout. This creates a transparent and progressive practice which helps us reach milestones ahead of schedule and deliver the solutions on time.

Software Maintenance

Our Delivery approach does not get over on implementing the solution for our customers. As much as we are committed to quality results, we take up our support and maintenance seriously. Whether it be a post-production support or an enhancement requirement from the customer, we prioritize and provide the best support & training.

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