Corporate Training

An effective training program increases user adoption, improves customer success, and grows revenue for your enterprise software. RTS helps fast growing software companies develop, implement and manage highly effective and successful training process.

Work staff does not like change. They are accustomed to their day-to-day work, and that can easily hamper the chances of adoption of ERP solutions. For companies, the best way to handle the resistances is to train the workforce with the new ERP and make them comfortable in the new environment with ERP training.
To make everything work for your business, our expert training team provides the necessary training to the workforce. Our training team understand the requirement of the users and also knows the demographics for which the training material is built on.

As a company or organization, it is vital to understand the different aspects of the ERP training.

Functional Training

Functional Training teaches the audience on how ERP platform works. The functional training is mainly targeted at marketing employees who have to understand the functionality to work efficiently with the system.

Technical Training

Technical Training includes teaching more advanced users or the company’s tech team on how to work with technical issues effectively. They understand the inner workings of the ERP platform and hence can quickly improve the system in a long run.

Administration Training

Administrators have to manage the database, keep a tab on a different process and do other duties related to the well-being of the system. With administration training, the administrator can feel confident in his/her abilities and work productively under pressure situations.

End User Training

End users are valuable, and we make sure that they will be able to use the system with the help of the End user training.

Process Documentation

Documentation is necessary for the organization. It stores every single detail about the ERP system and hence we train the employees to process documentation effectively and correctly.

Training makes the difference between a team that truly understands ERP and one that is just following a management directive. Transitioning to ERP requires a new mind-set and overall cultural adjustments that includes a new sense of flexibility, creativity, and inspiration. That isn’t something that happens overnight. An experienced Trainer is the key to help people fully embrace new technologies. RTS Trainers can give every company team the knowledge and ability to respond to always changing business challenges.


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